Your Company Probably Isn’t Worth What You Think It Is (and How to Change That)

As a Business Intermediary, this aspect of the process can be the most challenging. For a business owner, the business is usually the most valuable and important asset they own, not to mention the business owner is emotionally attached to it too. A potential buyer’s perspective of business value is generally quite different. As a […]

Around the Web: A Month in Summary

A recent article posted on entitled “Small Business Owners Are Retiring, And Millennials May Not Fill The Gap On America’s Main Street” uses the closing of a 235-year-old hardware store to prove a startling fact: the Millennial generation may not be suited to take over small business ownership like the generations before them. In […]

The need for change and the need for stability – What path does the business owner take?

There is some real contrast with the phrase “need for change and the need for stability”. Business owners are fighting this dichotomy daily with decisions, strategies and personnel choices they make to survive in their industries. With change or with steadiness the business owner is always being openly viewed by customers, suppliers, and employees all […]

Top Four Statistics You Need to Know About Ownership Transition

If you own a business, then ownership transition should definitely be a central topic in your planning. A few years ago, MassMutual Life Insurance Company conducted a very interesting and thought-provoking survey of family-owned businesses. Obviously, family-owned businesses have their own unique needs and challenges. The MassMutual Life Insurance Company survey certainly underscored this fact. […]