The need for change and the need for stability – What path does the business owner take?

There is some real contrast with the phrase “need for change and the need for stability”. Business owners are fighting this dichotomy daily with decisions, strategies and personnel choices they make to survive in their industries. With change or with steadiness the business owner is always being openly viewed by customers, suppliers, and employees all […]

Top Four Statistics You Need to Know About Ownership Transition

If you own a business, then ownership transition should definitely be a central topic in your planning. A few years ago, MassMutual Life Insurance Company conducted a very interesting and thought-provoking survey of family-owned businesses. Obviously, family-owned businesses have their own unique needs and challenges. The MassMutual Life Insurance Company survey certainly underscored this fact. […]

Reasons for Sale

The reasons for selling a business can be divided into two main categories. The first is a sale that is planned almost from the beginning or by an owner who knows that selling is or should be a planned event. The second is exactly the opposite – unplanned; the sale is motivated by a specific […]