Dairy Stakeholders Spotlight Concerns Over GIs in CETA

The US consumption of cheese and butter continues to climb.  Wisconsin continues to lead the nation in cheese production followed by California, Idaho, New Mexico, New York and Minnesota. California leads in butter production.  I bought a pound of butter over the weekend and paid $6.50 for a pound!  I invite you to read the […]

Cheese Brings Unique Flavor, ‘Wow’ Factor to Ice Cream

There is a relatively new phenomena going on out there in the marketplace and that is combining cheese with ice cream to boost flavors and some are complimentary. There is a challenge getting the texture right as cheese freezes at different temperatures…but many have succeeded. Check out the article, Cheese Brings Unique Flavor, ‘Wow’ Factor […]

Companies, Experts Spotlight Key Labeling Claims at Retail

I recently spoke with a cheese company that was very excited that they were able to resource a considerable supply of NON GMO milk to make their cheese. There is currently precious little on the market and this cheese company stands to capitalize on the new trend. The article, Companies, Experts Spotlight Key Labeling Claims […]

USDA Forecast for Dairy Export Value Declines

The USDA is forecasting lower dairy export numbers for 2017.  The demand for dairy products on a global scale has not diminished.  So, why are the numbers going down?  Several reasons: China is increasingly becoming more developed with their own dairy and dairy products development and expansion and their economy is cooling off. On the other […]