Darren Harrington – Vice President of New Business Development

Darren Harrington, a Wisconsin businessman, has been actively developing since 2003. He has since joined CBS as an Executive Vice President of new business development. Prior to joining CBS Global, Darren specialized in industrial repositioning and redevelopment. His learned approach is to align manufacturing and development as a base platform to a successful business strategy. Utilizing a solid background of project management, business development and marketing, he has the discipline, patience and follow through required of a business in transition that is seeking a new and focused direction.

Darren is an entrepreneur and investor in real estate assets. Within the last decade of economic downturn, Darren has been associated with industrial projects upwards of 1,500,000 ft.², domestically and internationally. He is well respected as a Wisconsin developer by various state and local governments and continues to bring added value to community, most notably as a post recessionary developer. Additionally, Darren specializes in working with some of the largest retailers in the United States and Wisconsin. With a focus on domestic and international export sales, he can introduce added market diversity to your company.  Darren has a passion for identifying a business’s often over looked added values and building on its strengths.

Contact Information
Email: dharrington@cbs-global.com
Phone: (920) 973-1503