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Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisconsin – 2019 US Cheese Expo

Creative Business Services/CBS-Global was represented by owner Michael Schwantes and M&A Advisor, Bob Wolter at the 2019 US Cheese Expo in Madison last week.  2019 is the third time we had a booth at the show and this year’s event was very well attended. We worked our booth on Wednesday and meet many Dairy individuals that were interested in learning more about our services and the help we can provide as a specialist in the industry.  Additionally, we connected with many, many acquaintances and friends we have gotten to know the last dozen years or so.

Thursday’s seminars and events were very informative and innovative.  What I thought was most exciting was the ongoing effort and stand-alone business the US Dairy Export Council is providing for Wisconsin’s cheesemakers.  The US Dairy Export Council is opening up new markets in Japan, North Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan the Mideast, Mexico and South America.

The US Dairy Export Council creates access to the above mentioned partners through culinary schools, Chefs Associations, and a pilot expansion program through their Cheese Retail Program increasing awareness and confidence in US Cheeses. They have commercial support through buyers and suppliers accessing shoppers and consumers in these markets.  In 2018 US Dairy Export Council introduced 321 new US cheeses in these markets.

In February 2019, the US Dairy Export Council attended the first annual Food Exposition in Dubai, which was a huge, huge success.  I meet with a couple of folks from DATCP that attended and they concurred, it was a great way to network and connect with the world’s consumers.

We were encouraged to attend the 2nd annual event in Dubai in February of 2020.