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The Accommodation, Food & Beverage industry is a thriving one, particularly in larger cities and high tourist areas. No matter where you travel in the United States, you can rely on being able to find lodging or food within a reasonable driving distance. This industry provides jobs to nearly 13 million Americans and is a major contributor to the Gross National Product.

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As with other sectors of the hospitality industry, Accommodation, Food & Beverage industry is very fluid. Catering establishments, airline dining, restaurants, dining halls, cafeterias, lounges can all run independently or be a part of larger establishment such as a casino, resort or cruise ship. The industry can be extremely creative and high energy, and the hours can be vary greatly depending on the season and the economy. This industry employs chefs, cooks, event planners, bartenders, food and beverage managers, waitstaff and other supporting positions

, Accommodation, Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage Services

Food Service Contractors
Mobile Food Services
Drinking Places (Bars and Nightclubs)
Full-Service Restaurants
Limited-Service Restaurants
Cafeterias, Grill Buffets and Buffets
Snack and Non-alcoholic Beverage Bars

Accommodation Business

Casino Hotels
Bed and Breakfast Inns
RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks and Campgrounds
Recreational and Vacation Camps
Rooming and Boarding Houses

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The Hotel and Lodging industry is a dynamic subset of the Hospitality industry. Properties regarding this industry can go from the smallest overnight stay motel to mammoth Las Vegas style properties that offer almost every sector of related goods and services in the Hospitality industry along with other amenities.

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