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Commercial real estate is any non-residential property used solely for business purposes. This includes retail properties, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, apartment complexes, and vacant land that has the potential for development.

Commercial Real Estate primarily refers to buildings or land intended to generate profit, industrial real estate and retail real estate are merely subcategories of commercial real estate.

Retail property is marked for actual business- buying or selling- rather than manufacturing. Retails stores, malls, shopping centers and shops all fall under the retail umbrella. Businesses occupying commercial real estate often lease spaces. There are four primary types of commercial leases:

Single net lease – tenant is responsible for paying rent and property taxes. Double net lease – tenant is responsible for paying rent, property taxes and insurance. Triple net lease – tenant is responsible for paying rent, property taxes, insurance and maintenance. Gross lease – tenant is responsible only for rent; the Landlord pays property taxes, insurance and maintenance.

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I take a unique and often times different approach to selling commercial real estate. Having personally owned a number of commercial real estate investment properties from Wisconsin to Anna Maria Island, Florida, I know what investors are looking for in commercial real estate and would welcome the opportunity to work with you in selling your prized assets.” – John Foster, Business Intermediary

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