Corporations on the Move

When you are a corporation on the move, you need to make solid decisions now. Worldwide economic decisions have historically worked for or against your business growth.

A rapid change can put you on a trajectory and place a significant amount of pressure on making great decisions in a short amount of time. Darren J. Harrington of Creative Business Services / CBS-Global understands this burden and can complement your exit or expansion plans without being compromised by the effects of auctions or liquidations being your only “quick fix” remedy to moving forward.

When disposition decisions need to be made on land, building and equipment or selling off a portion of your corporation we can navigate a highest and best use path to meet set goals. We operate and implement plans in a fully confidential manner and promote a fair market rate of return in a quiet and responsible manner.

Companies restructuring or relocating can count on our creative approach to manufacturing new opportunities and options to a fast-paced and pivotal moment in your corporation’s strategic approach.

Corporations on the Move, Corporations on the Move

How Corporations on the Move Work

There is most definitely a right way and a wrong way to market and sell your business. Let the experienced team at Creative Business Services / CBS-Global guide you to a successful transaction.