Equipment for Sale

Corporations seeking a non-liquidation / auction approach can now reach potential buyers through Creative Business Services / CBS-Global’s direct marketing “first look” equipment platform. We are stimulating qualified buyers closer to a fair market purchase.

Our motivation is to bring to you the highest market offer in the shortest amount of time. Reaching end users is our goal however we are setting the bar and managing all others who want to participate. Everyone is encouraged to present respectful offers. Liquidation or auction is normally a default option.

We believe in a business broker’s approach to our client’s assets in lieu of a complicated and public auction setting. Marketing directly to buyers already in manufacturing brings greater value to sellers and passes on savings to new buyers. Buyers and sellers count on connections, communication and responsibility from our firm. We are professional “connectors“ with excellent reputations and relationship skills who seek greater value beyond the initial sale.

, Equipment for Sale

How we work

We reach for highest and best value within a given transaction. We specialize in underperforming, unwanted equipment and inventory for companies “on the move” looking for a responsible disposition of their equipment and real estate for highest values while taking into consideration the community you have been a part of and the reputation you care to preserve upon your exit. “Let’s look at all your options and create new ones not foreseen yet.