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Industrial real estate includes: All land and buildings either utilized or suited for industrial activities. Such activities are defined as: Production, Manufacturing, Assembly, Warehousing, Research, Light Storage, Distribution and some related Office requirements of tangible goods rather than service-related users.

An industrial property is a property used for actual manufacturing and can be considered as a factory or a plant. This is usually zoned for a light, medium or heavy industry. These include warehouses, garages and distribution centers.

Industrial buildings house industrial operations for a variety of tenants, and are mostly located outside of urban areas, especially along major transportation routes. The low-rise buildings can also be grouped into industrial parks.

, Industrial Real Estate

The properties are categorized into four types:

Heavy manufacturing: These buildings are heavily customized and house machinery; manufacturers need to operate to produce goods and services.
Light assembly: These aren’t as customized and may be used for product assembly or storage.
Bulk warehouse: These properties are usually large and are used as distribution centers.
Flex industrial: These properties contain a mix of both industrial and office space.
Research and development (R&D) facilities are a specialized type of industrial real estate.

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