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More than 150 years of combined business brokerage experience. Since 1979, CBS-Global has specialized in the sale of businesses, commercial real estate and industrial real estate throughout the United States and internationally

Our team and our partners have the expertise to perform any international transaction that you or your company may be interested in pursuing. From, buying equipment then transporting it overseas, to buying a U.S. company and continuing to operate it in the U.S. or even participating in the EB-5 program.

The CBS-Global team employs nine business intermediaries with expert level experience in their respect categories of business. In addition, CBS-Global employs international multi-lingual translators and International Business Specialists. It is because of these experts that CBS-Global is your ideal partner in international business transactions.

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Corporations on the move

A rapid change can put you on a trajectory and place a significant amount of pressure on making great decisions in a short amount of time. Darren J. Harrington of CBS-Global understands this burden and can complement your exit or expansion plans without being compromised by the effects of auctions or liquidations being your only “quick fix” remedy to moving forward.

When disposition decisions need to be made on land, building and equipment or selling off a portion of your corporation we can navigate a highest and best use path to meet set goals. We operate and implement plans in a fully confidential manner and promote a fair market rate of return in a quiet and responsible manner.

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Equipment for Sale

Our motivation is to bring to you the highest market offer in the shortest amount of time. Reaching end users is our goal however we are setting the bar and managing all others who want to participate.

Everyone is encouraged to present respectful offers. Liquidation or auction is normally a default option.

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EB-5 Program

Our experienced team realizes that vetting a potential acquisition can be especially difficult for international buyers.

With this fact in mind, we offer assistance – not just with issues such as immigration and finding the right immigration attorneys to qualify for your EB5 Visa, but also with the due diligence, negotiations and logistical planning necessary to acquire a business.

Our goal for our international clients is that they find and acquire the optimal business in the United States. We aren’t finished until we have ensured that the transition to owning that business has been as smooth and streamlined as possible.

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For global businesses that deal with clients, suppliers and employees around the globe, multilingualism bridges gaps between cultures, and fosters stronger personal relationships on which great business relationships rely.

LinTel’s services assist organizations with the following services: Translation & Interpretation, Business consulting, Public relations, Cultural consultant, Cultural analysis, Intellectual property services US/Chinese

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How we work

Since 1979, CBS-Global has specialized in the sale of businesses, commercial real estate and industrial real estate throughout the United States and internationally. We always operate with the upmost integrity and our more than 40 years in the business speaks to the trust that we’ve built with our clients and the international business community.