Retail is a for-profit industry in the service sector that employs multiple distribution channels to sell consumer goods to the public in relatively small quantities. Retail businesses include brick-and-mortar shops, stores, mail order businesses and Internet companies who sell directly to the end customer.

Retail Overview – To be considered ‘retail,’ the place of business typically: Sells to customers for personal or household use, engages in activities that will attract people to buy, buys or receives merchandise as well as sells merchandise, is considered ‘retail‘ in the trade.

Generally, retail establishments are classified by ‘kind of business’ according to the things that are sold or by their trade designation. Segments in the retail industry include: Apparel Stores, Building Materials, General Merchandise, Restaurants, Automotive & Gas Stations, Food Stores, and Home Furnishings.

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Creative Business Services / CBS-Global intermediaries John Foster and Tom Martin serve the Retail niche.

Intermediary John Foster has assisted a wide range of retail business sellers and buyers during his tenure with us. Tom Martin specializes in franchise and non-franchise Retail establishments in addition to commercial / industrial real estate.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are categorized as retail businesses with primary emphasis placed on providing the public a convenient location to quickly purchase from a wide array of consumable products (predominantly food or food and gasoline) and services.

Creative Business Services / CBS-Global provides a thorough evaluation to determine the maximum sales value of the real estate property, gasoline contracts, current gas inventory, convenience store product inventory, lottery ticket commissions, hot food service, cigarette sales, alcohol sales, car wash revenues, repair bay sales and other assets of a convenience store business.

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I stay in touch with market conditions across Wisconsin and enjoy serving local markets in Green Bay, and other Northeast Wisconsin communities. – Tom Martin, Business and Real Estate Intermediary

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