Can Leaders of the Business World Over-Communicate??

Mike Van, Business Intermediary

In my view, all of us, not just business leaders, cannot over-communicate.

We all face many difficult problems and challenges in business, but poor communication is one we are responsible for creating. What may be a crystal-clear set of directives to you or I may come across as unclear or confusing to the group or individual who is receiving the communication.

As a business owner and leader, we must not let our employees guess or assume they understand what is intended. By following this route, we create the potential for misunderstanding and mistakes. If our communication lacks clarity and purpose, we are wasting valuable time and resources.

The need for constant and continuous communication is required today to prevent overlooking and distractions. Business as well as personal diversions plague our lives and convince me there exists a need to have in place an environment of unwavering over-communication.

The task at hand can and will be carried out if a strong line of communication is present and has a robust culture in place to align with.

As business owners and leaders today our mantra must be “Speak up and Speak often”.