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Say Cheese! “Click”

Being a native of Wisconsin, I have grown up working on farms, building pole barns, cleaning stalls and milking cows. Being closer to the soil can really give you an appreciation for how products get to market, wrapped and on the shelf, especially when you represent an M&A firm. I specialize in industrial development and am closer to the market in lieu of the soil. Wisconsin makes cheese and that’s who we are.  Creative Business Services/CBS-Global has been in great support of the cheese industry.  As local Wisconsin professionals, we have been bringing the right people together in the cheese

12 Ways To Beat Capital Gains Tax In The Age Of Trump

If you don’t know where to put your capital gains, you’re not alone. This Forbes article provides a good framework of what is currently available. The rest is up to you and your creative advisors.  Many have found charitable giving as a solution with life changing impacts, with equal importance to the giver. Read the full article: 12 Ways To Beat Capital Gains Tax In The Age Of Trump

15 Surprising Real Estate Trends Impacting 2018

This Forbes article has a focus on 2018 real estate trends.  Creative Business Services tracks industry trends that assist our client, investors and sellers to make better decisions at the right time.  You will notice in this article, redevelopment plays a pinnacle roll in many real estate trends.  Change can be good if you’re analyzing the cause and effect.  Identification of business professionals discerning in your behalf can bring value in ways you may not have considered.  Be flexible and be ready by surrounding yourself with knowledgeable business relationships.  Opportunities do not wait on anyone’s busy schedules. Read the full

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Creative Business Services / CBS-Global’s locally integrated Sheboygan County representation provides clients with a single-source solution for each phase of commercial business real estate. Our firm has effective operations and centralized support. Our firm has taken a consultative approach to…