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The 1 Secret to Employee Retention

The article, The 1 Secret to Employee Retention, hits upon some key points to talent retention in organizations. What I came to realize early in my career was the need to communicate clearly and often with all employees. You will never find out what each employee’s hot buttons are or what motivates them without open and true listening discussions with them. The discussions have to be done frequently and must be done with focused understanding from both sides. If each side is not honest can also be a detriment to the discussion. Team is often overused in the business world,

Learning from Mistakes

When a decision is made to move a career into a whole new direction, you can find yourself exposed to new traits of your chosen profession. When that elected calling is in sales, you are constantly taking an introspective read on a daily basis. The reason may be knowledge based, research, or possible a need for self-assurance. Although sales may look like the primary responsibility, providing consulting with wisdom to clients is the ticket to get the needed trust and respect established and a strong lasting relationship started. As the learning process moves forward, you learn more about who and