The process of buying or selling a business is often layered with complications. The simple fact is that there are many moving parts involved in the sale of a business of any kind. It isn’t always as simple as just looking at the financials and “calling it a day.” CBS understands that buying or selling a business is of enormous importance to our clients. That means we always dig deeper.

Like sellers, buyers need a partner they can trust. We go well beyond simply looking at the financials of a business and take into account a wide array of factors that can determine the long-term health and viability of a business. CBS works to help you find a business that has long-term potential, room for growth and will remain profitable. We examine variables such as supply chain stability, retention of key employees, transition issues and more.

Selling a business means understanding each offer that is on the table. Our experienced consultants can assist you during negotiations and successfully help you get the best price possible for your company.

Opt for CBS and you’ll have a trusted, highly experienced and professional partner that will provide you the kind of consulting expertise that only comes with experience. Whether you are buying or selling a business, our team has a proven track record. Contact us today and we’ll start putting our results-driven, meticulous approach to work on your behalf.