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Services for Sellers

When you are selling a business, you need an experienced partner. CBS has over 3 decades of proven, hands-on experience assisting buyers and sellers in acquisitions and divestitures of businesses. As an experienced business broker we can guide you and provide you with proven strategies and techniques to sell your business for the best price possible. To make this happen, your price must be supported with documentation and key information. You must be able to answer key questions. We can help.

You want your business to look as attractive as possible to a buyer. We will get your documentation and key information ready and help you with every aspect of staging. Decades of experience mean that we know how to emphasize your business’ strongest attributes and showcase its full potential to a prospective buyer. Staging your business is an art and a science.

Through our network of International Business Brokers Association members, strategic partners, and many other marketing activities, we are able to help you find the right buyer – but that is only the beginning. We will provide you with tips on how to properly stage your business and answer the questions buyers will ask such as:

  • What is the long-term potential of the business and where will it be in the coming years?
  • Which key employees will be staying with the business and what will they bring to the table?
  • How stable is the supply chain?
  • What are the potential disruptors in the area that could interfere with the business?
  • Where is the room for growth?

We take CONFIDENTIALITY very seriously. This means that we work to help you find a buyer in a discreet fashion so that your customers, competitors and even your employees aren’t aware of the fact that your business is for sale. Parties interested in your company are asked to sign a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT to ensure that your proprietary information is kept CONFIDENTIAL.

The simple fact is that selling a business is far more than hanging out a “For Sale” sign. Prospective buyers have expectations and questions that they want answered. Being able to provide buyers with the right information and the answers they need is often the difference between businesses being sold or remaining on the market. Buyers want data and documentation, and we can compile and present that information in a marketing document, “The Book,” which accurately reflects the past, present and future potential of the business profiled.

Sellers fall into many categories and come from many different perspectives. Understanding your buyer and their goals and aims in acquiring your business is critical. Every business and every buyer is unique. Whether your buyer is a family member, a business competitor, someone buying a business for the first time or even a foreign buyer, there are unique factors that must be taken into consideration.

The bottom line is that successfully selling a business requires information, planning and expertise. Selling your business is not a sprint but a marathon. You will need to prepare far in advance for selling your business and CBS can help. There is no replacement for experience. CBS has the proven experience to help you sell your business.