Business Valuation

What is my company worth?” This is a key question for every business owner. For many, the sale of their company is one of – if not the – largest financial decisions they’ll ever make. The sale of the business they have built for years has many implications and many don’t know the true value of their business.

Determining what a business is worth is a complex process that involves knowing the business and industry, as well as careful analysis of both tangible and intangible assets. Our Business Valuation department gathers data, analyzes financials and determines exactly that – the value of an enterprise in today’s market, in today’s dollars; i.e., a reasonable selling price or price range.

Through our detailed business valuation process, we provide business owners with concrete facts regarding the monetary value of their company. Our clients rely on the credible estimate of value produced by our valuation process.

Business valuations are a significant asset for the business owner in that they reveal the key value drivers and corresponding strengths of the enterprise. They allow business owners to focus effort on the most meaningful areas of the business. Periodic valuations are similar to “wellness checks;” they demonstrate the continued health and success of the organization.

Not only are business valuations useful to business owners contemplating the sale of their company, they are also useful to business buyers considering an acquisition. Additionally, business valuations are used for estate planning, to resolve shareholder disputes, for IRS filing requirements, in divorce settlements or damage assessments.

Having a professional and accurate business valuation is a must. Let CBS-Global provide you with a thorough business valuation.