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Wisconsin based firm

With its headquarters located in downtown Green Bay, Creative Business Services / CBS-Global prides itself on providing a highly valuable and reputable service for the local business community.

Since its founding in 1979, Creative Business Services / CBS-Global has expanded operations to include business consultation, valuations and has become formidable in the mergers and acquisitions industry.

The expert team at Creative Business Services / CBS-Global offers you more than 150 years of relative industry experience.

If you’re looking to exit your company, Creative Business Services / CBS-Global can help you through the entire process.

Sell your company with experts that understand your business and have the expertise to get you the highest price for it..

Who we are

Creative Business Services / CBS-Global has been representing clients, on the buy-side and sell-side, in business brokerage since 1979. During this time, we have seen, and successfully navigated, all the economic ups and downs, industry changes, technology changes and staffing changes. This equates to more than 150 years of combined industry experience and guarantees you the best possible outcome in your transaction.

Our experience, in addition to our strong support staff, allows our company to provide you with the best possible outcome for your business transaction.

Requests for references and testimonials from our clients are welcomed.

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Certified Valuations & Pricing Reports

Top reasons to know the value of your business:

Selling business
Investor or Loan
Succession Planning
Estate & Gift Tax
Partnership Buyout
Martial Disputes

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Having the highest level of integrity and confidentiality, our clients can trust that the Creative Business Services / CBS-Global team not only has their best interests in mind, but will provide them with the best possible outcome every time.


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Gary Feller, Seller

Cedar Creek

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I was very pleased with the time Creative Business Brokers took to understand our business. They were able to protect and manage our interests. They were able to market and sell our business in a slow economy and a stressed banking time. I feel their experience and years of dedication transformed our 20 years of hard work into a unique vision of reality for the new owner. Cedar Creek is proud to be associated with Mike and Anne and want to thank the entire staff of Creative Business Brokers.

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EHR Enterprises, Buyer

Heus Manufacturing

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Being from Rockford, Illinois, we needed an advisory firm to help us select and acquire a firm that met our perimeters. Not only did Creative Business Services do just that, but we were very impressed with the professionalism and attentiveness to detail that was needed to make this transaction happen.

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Oscar Swanson, Buyer

Wisconsin Paint & Powder Coat

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John did a great job representing both buyer and seller interests in our closing. Not only did he coordinate the standard Buyer and Sellers activities he also kept the pressure on the bankers and attorneys in getting the deal done. Certainly John’s contacts in the banking industry played a significant role in getting our funding and ultimately closing.

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Bill Stuesser, Seller

Cedar Creek

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A few years back when we first consulted your firm for the potential sale of our business, we were only lukewarm about really going forward. At that time, I remember telling my partners that when the time comes to go forward I thought your firm was the route to take. You had gained our confidence through that brief encounter. At this later date, our early confidence proved accurate.

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Will Harton, VP-Corporate Development, Buyer

Heartland Aviation

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We at Hawthorne enjoyed working with a professional group like CBS. They were instrumental in getting our transaction completed and showed a strong understanding of the acquisition process that was very helpful.

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Buck & Mark Brennan, Seller

1200 N 24th St (Dean Brennan)

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We at DBT felt like we were dealing with someone who was like part of our family. Mike knew how we worked hard for what we had, and helped us to get the most out of it. It sure was great having him as not only a mentor but also as a business partner and a good friend. His whole crew at Creative did a great job as well!

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