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Creative Business Services / CBS-Global operates as the Food Brokerage & Consulting for the food brokerage industry. The Creative Food Group provides services that are fall within the category of Commodity Brokerage Consulting.

Food Brokerage & Consulting is an independent advisor who gives professional assistance to clients working in some aspect of the food industry. As a consultant, Food Brokerage & Consulting works with clients for a specific period of time and in pursuit of a particular goal. The scope and nature of the work is mutually agreed upon by both parties and so tasks and hours can vary from project to project.

Food Brokerage & Consulting is typically an agent for food manufacturers and producers and helps them to sell and market their products to retailers and wholesalers. Food Brokerage & Consulting uses its in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to create new long-term partnerships, maximize sales volumes or assists in creating logistic and political solutions for clients.

, Food Brokerage & Consulting

With the major increase in globalization, the demand for international food brokers has peaked and more and more food manufacturers are realizing the benefits and need to sell their product to a global market.

Whether a brand-new business operation or successful international organization, Food Brokerage & Consulting provides intermediary services and consulting to accomplish your objectives:

  • Forecasting and research
  • Brand strategy and planning
  • Brand management and consulting
  • New concept creation
  • Product development and planning
  • Global product sourcing and supply chain development
  • Fundraising and business matching
  • Promotions and events
  • Business valuation audits and change management
, Food Brokerage & Consulting

Creative Business Services / CBS-Global is THE premier Cheese & Dairy business broker in Wisconsin. Their expertise and network allow them to bring a great deal of value to clients or partners through CFG.

The state of Wisconsin is the epicenter of cheese making in the U.S. and we owe it to the early Swiss, Dutch and German settlers that came into this area back in the mid-19th century. Today, Wisconsin cheesemakers are experiencing a Renaissance with Artisan and Specialty cheeses due to their creativity, experimentation and expertise.

The Creative Food Group brings their expertise to numerous markets, having more than 133 years of combines business brokerage and consulting experience, they’re knowledgeable and have the network needed to accomplish the goals set by their clients and partners.

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