The Challenge of Finding Workers Today

Mike Van, Business Intermediary

You would think that finding employees with knowledge and skills would be the number one concern when hiring in 2017. As many of us are finding out in the micro to small sized business those facts are not just true.

Our challenge is retaining employees through their training timeframe. In so many instances it is common practice for new employees to walk off the job, not show up for work, and of course the most irritating one is the no call no show which is becoming habit in my discussions with smaller organizations.

During the on-boarding and orientation phase, businesses are making every effort to explain what the job is, what the hours are and answering as many questions as possible to allow the potential new hires to view the facilities and answer questions they bring forward.

I remember not that long ago, we would have a 90-day probation period to validate if the employee would be kept on or released for permanent employment. Now days, employees are terminated, let go, or just do not care to show up within a much shorter period.

Today’s workforce seems to only care for the moment! If the job, responsibilities, accountability, hours, or something off the wall gets in the way, they are gone without thinking of potential ramifications to themselves and even less thought for the business that hired them.

The interviewing and hiring process for the much smaller business will continue to be very challenging. This pool of businesses is looking for employees who are willing to show up for work, a good attitude and work ethic. In my hiring days, I would look for farm kids to hire, because I knew they possessed the essentials needed to train and build upon for our hiring needs.
Today’s employment challenges require so much care at the front end (interviewing and hiring), in process (staying near and communicating), continual follow through (challenging them, giving them attention and compensating them).

As a micro and small employer, you can never let your guard down with all new as well as seasoned employees.