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Glen Herman

Glen Herman

Business Intermediary




Are you looking to sell a business? Purchase a business? Or, grow a business through acquisition? Glen Herman comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

Glen joined CBS-Global in 2020 with an emphasis on helping people realize their personal, professional, and financial goals. Glen is a graduate of the College of Business at Marquette University. He served in United States Army as an Infantry and Signal Corps officer.

After his military service, Glen worked with several closely held companies, and a Fortune 500 company in various sales and leadership roles. Glen’s focus on systems and processes led him into the ownership team of a plastics manufacturer. After growing the company’s sales he sold his interest to pursue other business ventures.

Other business ownership experiences include ownership of a residential/light commercial general contracting firm, a marketing firm (catering to closely held family resorts), and most recently a web-based applications company focusing on the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Additionally, Glen has extensive experience and reach within the waste, metals, and recycling industries. Glen often finds himself working with metal fabrication companies, manufacturing companies, and technology companies.

His understanding of process and systems allows him to uncover value for buyers, and helps him maximize the potential sale price for sellers. With Glen’s approach is simple…Do good work and success will follow!



Construction services include the trades and professional services engaged in preparing land and the construction, alternation and repair of buildings, structures and other real property.

Whether involving new development or renovation, commercial buildings, industrial construction, infrastructure and heavy construction are critical to the U.S. economy.

Information & Technology

The Information and Technology category is a rapidly growing and evolving industry that requires an expert business intermediary that lives and breathes information and technology.

The experts at Creative Business Services do just that and would love to assist you with your next transaction.

EB-5 Program

Our experienced team realizes that vetting a potential acquisition can be especially difficult for international buyers.

With this fact in mind, we offer assistance – not just with issues such as immigration and finding the right immigration attorneys to qualify for your EB5 Visa, but also with the due diligence, negotiations and logistical planning necessary to acquire a business.

Our goal for our international clients is that they find and acquire the optimal business in the United States. We aren’t finished until we have ensured that the transition to owning that business has been as smooth and streamlined as possible.


Manufacturing companies transform goods, materials or substances into new products.

Many manufacturers own plants, mills or factories that produce such goods for public consumption.


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Glen Herman

Business Intermediary