Josh Phillips

Josh Phillips, Business Intermediary

Josh Phillips is active in the commercial real estate and mergers and acquisitions sectors. Though headquartered in Green Bay, Josh serves clients throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. He brings over twelve years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, and he works primarily with commercial and industrial businesses.

A proven leader in identifying opportunities for improvement and hidden cash flow potential for his clients, Josh maximizes the value of the companies and projects he represents.

As he focuses on business development and marketing, this usually brings him a plethora of buyers and sellers. Some of his specialty areas include commercial real estate, leasing machine shops, metal fabrication, plating, tool and die, pattern making, and aviation.

Josh’s success in business brokerage in Wisconsin is partly due to his deep industry contacts and his understanding of the marketplace, particularly in the manufacturing and metal fabrication, services, and aviation sectors.

Josh enjoys working with talented people, assembling the right buyers and sellers, and negotiating the deals on all of his projects. He takes pride in consistently meeting and exceeding expectations. Often his work includes overcoming obstacles and finding options to successfully bring projects to a close.

Contact Information

Phone: (920) 432-1166
Mobile: (920) 471-6028