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Buyer or Seller

John did a great job representing both buyer and seller interests in our closing. Not only did he coordinate the standard Buyer and Sellers activities he also kept the pressure on the bankers and attorneys in getting the deal done. Certainly John’s contacts in the banking industry played a significant role in getting our funding and ultimately closing.

Oscar Swanson, Buyer
Wisconsin Paint & Powder Coat

As a business owner, life can be incredibly busy and often doesn’t allow time to take on additional opportunities. I am this business owner, but with the help of a highly qualified business broker these opportunities are possible. This business broker is John Foster. He has successfully helped me (the buyer) and the seller to get the information we needed to close the transaction on time and in a positive manner. This can be confusing to someone new to a business purchase, but John helped both parties come together to get the sale done. Many thanks John, I am looking forward to moving my new salon to the next level!

Anthony Santini, Buyer

John at Creative Business Services was a great choice in my decision to hire a business broker to sell my hair salon. John did a great job in pricing my business, finding a qualified buyer and organizing the closing and the attorneys involved. I would recommend John and Creative Business Services to anyone looking to sell their business.

Scott Lamers, Seller

After attempting to sell our restaurant with two agents, including trying to sell it ourselves, we were fortunate to meet your broker, John Foster. He approached us of his own initiative and asked if he could take over the account, saying he was confident he could sell it. We liked John and his approach to the problem, and so we agreed. He has been a source of comfort to us over the past year and a great morale booster when we would become discouraged. He always kept our best interest at the fore. We would recommend John to any business looking for a broker with integrity and who gets results! We thank John for all his hard work.

Kevin and Rosemary Clarke, Seller
Rudy's Diner

After having our business listed with another broker for two years we contacted John Foster. He took the time to sit down and help us put a realistic value on our business and property. It was less than a year and the business was sold and we were able to retire. The transaction went off smoothly and professionally. In the depressed market that our business was located we feel less than a year is a remarkable feat. Thank you John and your entire staff for you help.

Leigh & Judy Stegemann, Seller
M&M Lunch & Catering

I had the pleasure of working with John Foster while buying The Flower Gallery. Once I made the decision to buy the business, John was extremely helpful in finding me the resources I needed to get the ball rolling. I had very little knowledge when it came to purchasing a business and couldn’t have had better broker than John. He made sure I had all the information I needed throughout the whole buying process; he even assisted me in finding a great attorney to help me with all the technical and legal aspects of the purchase. Even though my buying situation was a little out of the ordinary, John was very willing to work with me. He kept me on my toes when I often times would get caught up in the stresses of the process. Aside from being very knowledgeable and organized, John made sure I could reach him whenever I needed to–by phone, e-mail, text message… whatever worked for me, worked for him! It was a great opportunity for me and I couldn’t have imagined a more suited person to work with on the purchase than John!

Dayna Nienow, Buyer
The Flower Gallery

Thank you for your service, and professionalism in selling our motel. We were very pleased with the performance of John Foster and Creative Business Services in coordinating everything with the buyer, bank and us. I know the last 2 weeks before closing were very stressful on both of us, but things got done. We are very happy that the motel is sold and Joe and I can finally retire. Thank you again John and hope you have a good year.

MaryAnn Kozial, Seller
Budget Host Inn

After recently completing the purchase of our new property I can say without hesitation, it would never have been possible without the assistance of John Foster. John was professional, patient, courteous & accommodating through every step of the process. He made everything simple. I will without question be using John for future deals. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Shawn Hennessy, Buyer
1250 Mid Valley Dr (SC Grand)

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