Description of the Construction Industry

Construction companies have increasingly focused on acquisitions in the last several decades to increase their growth, diversification, market penetration or many other possible objectives.  In addition, as in all other sectors of the economy, firm ownership is approaching retirement at an unusual rate.  This dynamic of active buyers and sellers is the platform for my specialty in business brokerage.

There are many reasons a construction firm or a specialty business in the industry might be looking to sell:

  1. Retirement
  2. Succession of management
  3. Personal risk
  4. Credit requirements
  5. Capitalization of assets
  6. A declining market
  7. A substantial offer

Those wishing to buy have a number of potential strategic goals:

  1. Geographic expansion
  2. Specific customer needs
  3. Merging of competition
  4. Growth
  5. Diversification
  6. The penetration of a new market
  7. Development of their workforce, skill, and organization
  8. Expansion of their customer footprint
  9. Vertical industry development
  10. Expansion of assets

The acquiring firm is looking for a portfolio of attributes in the company they are interested in.  These will include its location, customer base, profitability, management and their reputation in the marketplace, price and deal structure, and other very specific criteria that will be a part of their due diligence.  This process is best handled from either side of the table by a very experienced business brokerage.

Our intimate knowledge of the design and construction industry, its challenges and its many facets, allows for a quick comprehension of a new client’s goals and objectives.  We will bring this directly to your aid by employing the many tools at our disposal for evaluating your business for sale and shepherding you through the often difficult process, or conversely helping you to find the right business for your strategic acquisition needs amongst the hundreds of contacts we have throughout the industry.