Deciding on the Best Time to Sell is the First Step

Gary Van Sistine, Business Intermediary
Many entrepreneurs sell their business and walk away with a good chunk of change…but not all.  In reality, many exits are not easy nor are they profitable.

If you’re thinking about selling way in the future, remember that plenty owners leave with money in their pocket if they choose the right time to sell – while they’re “winning.”  However, if your company’s growth is getting stagnant, but it still has some value, this may be a smart time to enlist the help of a broker who will help evaluate your options toward an earlier sale.

And if your company is unfortunately in free fall, it’s probably time to liquidate, now.  Again, a professional broker will help you get through the steps so you can walk away from the day-to-day challenges and headaches.

Wherever your business is in its life cycle, a professional business broker can always talk through exit strategies and timelines with you at no charge.