Finding a New Niche’

Much of my client/customer experience has been in the manufacturing and service industries.  This spring, I decided to attend the annual Wisconsin Public Service Farm Show in Oshkosh, WI to see if there was a need for business brokerage in that category.

What an adventure!  Held on the EAA grounds, March 27 – 29, the show filled up five huge buildings and featured everything from equipment sales people to seed and fertilizer distributors to farm construction contractors and more.  Five hundred exhibits required me to attend two full days, and I probably only visited with a third of them!  This was such a positive experience, that I’m planning to attend an agricultural technology show in July.

I discovered there were many owners who needed information on how to prepare their business for sale or how to find businesses to add on to expand their current base.  Most had no idea of what a business broker, like me, is or does.   Since the show, I’ve been able to follow up with four strong prospective clients and have a long list of names that I still have to contact.

This is an exciting new niche’ for me.  I liked talking farming with these very personable and knowledgeable business owners.  Just as most of them knew little about my profession, I also needed to learn about the many facets of agri-business from them.  Strong handshakes and easy, down-to-earth conversations convinced me that these are people I will really enjoy working with.

If you are involved in the agri-business industry and want to know more about how I can help, please call or text me anytime!