Five Due Diligence Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

As a Business Intermediary, due diligence in the Buy/Sell process brings with it a great deal of importance and need for understanding by all parties involved.

  1. As a Buyer you must be astute to the industry you are pursuing to assure all angles have been investigated.
  2. You also have to be well aware so you do not get wrapped up in trivial things that bog you down and are probably not considered noteworthy to the transaction.
  3. Be open with all aspects and findings as early as possible in the discussions. Put things on the table for discussions at the onset to reduce headaches at the latter stages.
  4. Communication, communication, communication cannot be overstated! Enough said.
  5. The valuation at the front end of any Buy/Sell process must be done with scrutiny and common sense to assure a Seller receives the highest reasonable amount for their business.


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