If you are someone that cannot deal with uncertainty, then buying a business at any time may not be the right choice. Uncertainty is even more likely during the Covid-19 age when no one really knows when things will settle down and get back to normal. It may take a long time; however, some businesses will continue to do well during this time, and some will not. Buying a business requires a calculated leap of faith in your abilities to keep things moving in the right direction, despite the effects of Covid-19 on the economy and your industry and business in particular.

Some industries, such as healthcare, technology, essential services and consumer staple products are more likely to be insulated from the effects of Covid-19. These are companies that most buyers will gravitate towards. However, buyers also look at other industries such as construction, manufacturing and distribution, which are likely to bounce back from pent up demand when the economy resumes to the new normal. As long as you have a willing buyer and seller that can agree on a price, terms and conditions, then a deal can be made.