I am sure we have heard from our local, regional and national government with their dialogue for many years. It is critical and thus far from a national standpoint they have been straightforward in their communication and action efforts to the American people.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao mentions in the article how appreciative she is of the Transportation Owners, Truckers, and their families for the outstanding job they are doing in supporting the United States supply chain during the COVID-19 challenge. She also promises to continue the support and build on the aspects already set forth by the national government which includes CARES Act and INFRA which she expands on within the article.

There is a great deal of talk about an infrastructure proposal President Trump, Congress and the Transportation Industry are working on behind the scenes. I am sure the transportation businesses and truckers have some real insight into what should be worked on immediately going forward with this infrastructure plan. Lets hope this entire group works together and keeps politics out of their talks, discussions and actions!

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