Equipment issues and compensation concerns are at the top of the list for drivers. The volume of calls from drivers throughout the first quarter with the COVID 19 in progress indicate these two aspects top the list.

The two main troublesome areas for the drivers from an equipment aspect include issues with their tractors and the overall condition of the equipment when assigned to the tractor/trailer combination.

As the article articulates, breakdowns are part of the trucking industry. The key component is how well are the preventive maintenance measures completed by a particular transportation business and how well the reported equipment issues are resolved by the maintenance staff. Tractor condition is of critical importance to drivers, the fact that drivers spend a great deal of time in their rigs compounds the importance of having them functional and orderly. Drivers have to remember that this aspect is very much a two-way street and has to be treated evenly from a driver and owner standpoint.

Inconsistent miles is being heard loud and clear from the drivers as being the most painstaking compensation factor. Home and family life is driving this issue for drivers. I have seen some transportation businesses reinvent themselves knowing this aspect was not going away by increasing regional lanes from over the road (OTR) lanes.

Top Issues for First Quarter of 2020

  • Equipment – 29%
  • Compensation – 28%
  • Operations – 15%
  • Home Time – 9%
  • Personal Issues – 8%
  • Company Issues – 5%
  • Orientation/Training – 4%
  • Teaming Problems – 2%

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