We have all heard and, in most cases, used the “Law of Cause & Effect” throughout our career in ownership and/or in a leadership role. For any effect there is normally a cause you can point to. Too many times in our busy and hectic work days we do not always take the time be it good or bad to investigate the causes.

Many of us may be aware that most problems are induced from the following six sources that most owners and leaders should be alerted to and be corrected.

  • Human – Examples may not be a good fit, not skilled, not properly trained, not motivated, and does not get along with other employees.
  • Process – Examples may be a process is poorly designed, process not communicated well, process not executed well, and poorly researched and implemented processes.
  • Policy – Examples may be a policy that roadblocks performance, productivity and service.
  • Equipment – Equipment outdated, not in-line with technology and worn out.
  • Materials – Examples may be poor quality materials creating efficiency issues and complaints internally and externally.
  • Environment – Examples may be poor work environment, dangerous, not organized.

It is important as most things within the transportation Industry that you need to look at all of the problems because there are times when each will take a turn in hindering your goals.

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Source: Ron Carroll, Box Theory website