There have been many books and many articles written and spoken and will continue to be about the topic of leadership. When I come across articles or books I like to pass the information on if I think it is worthy or timely for today’s environment.

  • Authentic Leaders have Insight – I feel that vision is one thing but if the person does not have the wisdom and instincts, you may be lacking critical aspects in the area of insight to be that authentic leader your employees will get behind.
  • Authentic Leaders Demonstrate Initiative – I am sure all of us have heard the statement “Lead by Example” as a statement used frequently but not always understood. Working for a leader who jumps in first, participates in the difficult and challenging tasks gets my respect and support. When you have a group that are sometimes called “fence walkers” in the business world, a leader becomes authentic when they can show by example or convince with a speech this group of employees.
  • Authentic Leaders Exert Influence – Influence does not necessarily mean a higher stock price, although this is critical in a publicly owned company. I found that my influence was extended when I walked the production and warehouse floor and listened as well as understood  all employees in multiple facilities. Getting back to them with follow-up is what provided the influence!
  • Authentic Leaders have Impact – When you deliver your yearly objectives you want the business to accomplish each year, you have all ears, mainly listening for what is in it for me. You realize that when the yearend objectives is coming around, it is imperative that everyone from the business to each employee were winners. That is truly an impactful effect.
  • Authentic Leaders Exercise Integrity – With honesty and truth I have found that you can be an authentic leader. Although we are not perfect, leaders have to be able be honest and upfront with employees even when the news is bad or damaging to the company or group of employees.

Please read on in this short but beneficial article, The 5 Marks of Authentic Leadership