We have all heard of the line “it’s not as simple as hitting a light switch”. I cannot tell you how many times I used this statement throughout my career on numerous scenarios to allow executives, employees and others understand the task at hand. The situation requires strategies and timelines to provide a path forward for change or reach the objective.

Within the article it states that trucking, warehouse, and logistic positions were lost due to nothing other than the COVID 19 pandemic.

Depending on what your transportation business is hauling, brick & mortar retailers your business may be feeling a negative impact vs a refrigerated transportation business that carries essential items is doing better in this environment.

Manufacturing is a huge player for many transportation businesses, and we all understand the domino effect this pandemic had on this industry sector.

Although this article is somewhat pessimistic, I am taking a more positive view on the United States economy. I believe as President Trump does that the 3rd and 4th quarters will be much better than anticipated. This optimism will bring about consumers who have a great deal of pent up demand that will benefit the transportation and logistics industry.

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