Who Owns Personal Goodwill? 

Goodwill matters when it comes to business valuations.    

It can be understood as a collection of intangible assets that generate earning power for a company, such as patents, trade names, customer lists, etc.  

Goodwill comes in two forms, however:  Personal Goodwill and Enterprise Goodwill. Enterprise Goodwill can include a company name or franchise reputation, customer patronage, location, and product lines. On the other hand, personal goodwill is goodwill that attaches to the persona and personal efforts of an individual.  

This article, “Personal Goodwill: Who Owns It?” identifies how Personal Goodwill is built and the ways in which it impacts the value of a business. 

Source: https://deal-studio.com/personal-goodwill-who-owns-it/

 Michael J Schwantes, President & CEO 

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