International Trade Wars Disrupting Dairy Commodity Prices

The recent enactment of tariffs on American made goods is having an impact on the dairy industry, specifically cheese manufacturers and other dairy products manufacturers.

Mexico and China are the largest recipients of American cheese and dairy products and producers are very concerned their customers will find other resources for their needs and may not return when this current trade battle is reconciled.

Mexico has enacted tariffs ranging from 10% to 25% on US dairy products.  China has imposed a 25% tariff on almost all US dairy products, as well as soybean and pork imports.  Canada has set in place a variety of dairy import tariffs against US products.

Where are these countries getting alternative products you ask? Well, the EU of course is the happy recipient of all this new business.  Currently, US dairy product supplies are mounting and the prices are dropping.

For a more in depth look at these developments refer to the article, International Trade Wars Disrupting Dairy Commodity Prices, in The Milkweed.