Learning from Mistakes

When a decision is made to move a career into a whole new direction, you can find yourself exposed to new traits of your chosen profession.

When that elected calling is in sales, you are constantly taking an introspective read on a daily basis. The reason may be knowledge based, research, or possible a need for self-assurance.

Although sales may look like the primary responsibility, providing consulting with wisdom to clients is the ticket to get the needed trust and respect established and a strong lasting relationship started.

As the learning process moves forward, you learn more about who and what your current and potential customers may be thinking or feeling.

  1. The need to understand and feel the customer’s pain. Forget about your needs. Listen and most importantly understand the needs of the client.
  2. The financial reward should not be the goal. Best to serve the client or customer and the money aspect will work its way out.
  3. The thought and approach to seeing sales as just a job. After closing a deal, immediately start on the next one. The job becomes part of life in so many ways.
  4. Letting yourself get upset over small things. Rejection and being told no is part of the job. As difficult as it may be, carrying a positive attitude 100% of the time is a must.
  5. Preparation, preparation preparation! Do your homework and do the research well. Know not only the answers, but the questions clients may ask before you enter into a meeting or discussion. Practice until your confidence is present.
  6. Treat everyone, no matter who or what they do with respect. Before you can gain anyone’s trust, there has to be mutual respect.
  7. Relationships take work, effort and do not happen overnight. Over time, relationships grow but you must understand each relationship requires different nurturing elements.
  8. Spot opportunities, potential improvements, and ask questions.
  • What would a customer want to improve?
  • What could the client be doing better if we could help them?
  • What small problems a client has that could grow into bigger ones?
  • What slows the client’s work or makes it more difficult for them?
  • What aspects of their business do they often fail to achieve?
  • What is frustrating and irritating your potential or current client?

It is important to get into the habit of asking and looking for these things with your clients. You want your clients thinking of you not purely for sales but also the mentor or consultant when things go wrong and they need to turn to that someone!