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Since its founding as a Business Brokerage Company in 1979, Creative Business Services / CBS-Global has expanded operations to include Business Valuation Services and has become formidable in the Mergers and Acquisitions industry.

Consisting of experts bringing to Creative Business Services / CBS-Global a career’s worth of experience in a variety of industries and a deep administrative support team, the Company is positioned to offer best-of-class M&A Advisory services to all clients on the buy or sell side.

Why Choose CBS-Global?

Creative Business Services / CBS-Global has been representing clients, on the buy-side and sell-side, in business brokerage since 1979. During this time, we have seen, and successfully navigated, all the economic ups and downs, industry changes, technology changes and staffing changes. This equates to more than 150 years of combined industry experience and guarantees you the best possible outcome in your transaction.

Our team genuinely cares about the success of our clients. As you visit one of our offices, whether it be the headquarters in Green Bay Wisconsin, or one of the remote lounge offices, you’re welcomed to a casual environment that is well received.

Our goal is always to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Always.

Requests for references and testimonials from our clients are welcomed.

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Certified Valuations & Pricing Reports

Top reasons to know the value of your business:

Selling business
Investor or Loan
Succession Planning
Estate & Gift Tax
Partnership Buyout
Martial Disputes

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Having the highest level of integrity and confidentiality, our clients can trust that the Creative Business Services / CBS-Global team not only has their best interests in mind, but will provide them with the best possible outcome every time.


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Mike De Cleene , Seller

DeCleene Truck & Refrigeration & Trailer Sales

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I was looking out to the future and decided it was time to start looking into my exit strategy for my company. We are celebrating our 50 Year Anniversary as a family owned business and wanted to keep in mind all our employees that helped make this all possible. I needed someone that would keep this at the top of the list and do a professional job, excel in marketing, sales and finally closure. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Schwantes from Creative Business Services / CBS-Global after he sold a business for a friend of mine previously. Michael and his team at CBS did a spectacular job for me, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their business or property.

, Mergers & Acquisitions Landing page

Bill Brann, Buyer

Nicolet Staffing

, Mergers & Acquisitions Landing page

As owner of Staffworks Group, I wish to thank Bob Wolter of Creative Business Services for making the acquisition of Nicolet Staffing a smooth transaction. Creative Business Services has specialized in the staffing industry for a number of years and handled this sale in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Creative Business Services for future mergers or acquisitions.

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Oscar Swanson, Buyer

Wisconsin Paint & Powder Coat

, Mergers & Acquisitions Landing page

John did a great job representing both buyer and seller interests in our closing. Not only did he coordinate the standard Buyer and Sellers activities he also kept the pressure on the bankers and attorneys in getting the deal done. Certainly John’s contacts in the banking industry played a significant role in getting our funding and ultimately closing.

, Mergers & Acquisitions Landing page

Nick Stallard, CFO, The Reserves Network, Buyer

Mark/Ryan Associates

, Mergers & Acquisitions Landing page

Working with Bob Wolter on our acquisition of Mark/Ryan Associates was a great experience overall. He was there when I needed him throughout the introductions, negotiations, due diligence and integration planning. We have discussed many potential acquisition prospects over the past 7 years. Bob found the right strategic and cultural fit for us with Mark/Ryan Associates, that further enhances our professional staffing service offerings in the Chicago marketplace and comes with some great new customers and employees.

, Mergers & Acquisitions Landing page

Will Harton, VP-Corporate Development, Buyer

Heartland Aviation

, Mergers & Acquisitions Landing page

We at Hawthorne enjoyed working with a professional group like CBS. They were instrumental in getting our transaction completed and showed a strong understanding of the acquisition process that was very helpful.

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John D Jacobs , Seller

Foodmaster Logistics

, Mergers & Acquisitions Landing page

My thanks to Bob Wolter of the Creative Business Services / CBS-Global team for the guidance and process in not only identifying a number of potential buyers, but also the professional expertise and support through the entire process resulting in the sale of Foodmaster Logistics of Wisconsin LLC. Having someone like Bob assisting in presentation of the company, providing realistic methodology of expectations, and strategic steps in addressing issues during negotiations is particularly helpful in reaching a successful conclusion for all parties. I am pleased to have had Bob work with me on this project and proud to have him as a friend.

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