No Surprises!

Many buyers and sellers don’t realize the many points that can be negotiated in a deal.  Knowing what to expect up front can help make the process move along. After price, here are the most heavily negotiated factors in a business transaction:

  1. Deal Structure: Sellers want mostly cash payment; Buyers want flexible payment terms.
  2. Closing Date: Sellers want to close ASAP; Buyers want months to do their due diligence.
  3. Contracts: Tired Sellers want to be done; Buyers want an employment contract assuring owner will stay at least for transition phase, OR, Energized Sellers want to start a new business, but Buyers want them to sign a “non-compete” contract.
  4. Working Capital: Seller’s working capital is not at a “normal” level, but Buyers want some “gas left in the tank.”
  5. Representations and Warrants: Sellers make legal/ethical statements in regard to their company; Buyers want assurance/proof that those statements are accurate and true.

The negotiation information listed above was gleaned from a Q12017 Market Pulse Survey by Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project and Graziado School of Business.

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