Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments engaged in manufacturing agricultural and farm machinery and equipment, and turf and grounds care equipment, including planting, harvesting, and grass mowing equipment (except lawn and garden-type).


The Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing category is a natural in Wisconsin. With over 64,000 farms in the state, there is an on-going need for manufacturers of farm equipment and for agri-businesses that provide myriad services to farms big and small.

CBS-Global representative in this category is Gary Van Sistine, who keeps up on latest trends and needs in farming by attending three major shows each year: 1) The WPS Farm Show, 2) Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, and 3) The World Dairy Expo. From seed genetics to forage solutions, from analytics to cow lifters, these shows cover a wide range of agri-innovation along with time-tested products. While visiting with attendees and product representatives at trade shows, Gary has found many are unaware of the steps needed to buy or sell a business. Many have never heard of a “business broker” and want to learn how a business intermediary guides the selling or buying process.

Gary feels networking is still the best way to make things happen and often finds a prospective seller at one end of the show to pair with a prospective buyer at the other end.

The Agricultural Manufacturing category is in constant flux. As new technologies come into play, the traditional image of a farm is becoming very different from what it used to be. There is a lot of transition happening as agri-businesses grow, merge, or begin completely new ventures. Farmers, who by nature are inventive and risk takers, are ready to embrace things like robotics in planting, tilling, and milking and may be ready to step into an ownership role themselves.

Farming is all about equipment, and manufacturers in this category make heavy machinery and small specialized equipment for irrigation, indoor barn processes, field tillers and planters, manure handling, seeding, construction, and more. Related businesses include fleet trucks, tractors, and recently trailer manufacturing for agriculture has taken an uptick as larger, corporate farms need larger equipment.

Other related areas in which CBS-Global recently brokered sales include cheese making and silo manufacturing.

As the intermediary in a buying or selling transaction, Gary feels it’s his job to make the process as smooth as possible so the buyers or sellers can concentrate on their jobs.

How we work

“Born and raised in Wisconsin, I have a real appreciation for rural farm life… the strong work ethic of people in agriculture and the challenges they face in today’s changing landscape. I raised some cows and hogs growing up, and I always liked working and talking with Farmers. They are ready any time to talk to you about Farming! I like that… real people!” – Gary Van Sistine, Business Intermediary

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