Information & Technology

The Information and Technology category is a rapidly growing and evolving industry that requires an expert business intermediary that lives and breathes information and technology. The experts at Creative Business Services do just that and would love to assist you with your next transaction.


Our expert business intermediaries have key relationships with leading technology companies and financial investors to assist in your transaction. A few of the major areas of business that fall within the information and technology category are as follows:

Business Sectors:

  • Application and Infrastructure Software
  • Communications Services
  • Data and Informatics
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services
  • Enterprise Computing & Hardware
  • Financial Technology
  • HR Technology
  • Internet and Digital Media
  • IT and Tech-Enabled Services
  • Networking & Communications Technology
  • On-Demand (SaaS) & Enterprise Software
  • RFID & Supply Chain Technology
  • Semiconductors
  • Storage
  • Tech-Enabled Services
  • Technology and Telecom Hardware
  • Telecom and Data Center Solutions
  • Wireless Technology

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How we work

“I believe an industrial background can be a Segway to understanding data center site selection requirements and various technology market opportunities. As I continued to forge new relationships through infrastructure, I have realized the power of how everything in tech and real estate intersects. How reliant we are from a tech perspective on how things are viewed today determines tomorrow’s outcome” – Darren Harrington, Business Intermediary

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