Michael R Garsow

, Michael R Garsow
Chief Operating Officer

Michael R Garsow

Michael joined CBS-Global in 2019, bringing ten years of self-employment, marketing, consulting, and process improvement experience.  He has been instrumental in strategizing, implementing, and analyzing processes and growth plans for more than three hundred businesses throughout his career.

He has an excellent track record of increasing revenue while reducing waste through process improvement and the implementation and analysis of growth strategies.  Michael enjoys solving complex problems through the process of analyzing, implementing, and managing strategies.


Michael continues to advance his skills through acquiring his Real Estate Salesperson License, completing the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, and acquiring numerous digital marketing certifications.


He has, thus far, been responsible for more than 1.3 billion dollars of new trackable revenue, project managed more than 75 special projects and has experience working within many industries and every major media channel.

In his professional life, Michael is known for his business acumen, creative thinking, and integrity.  In his personal life, Michael enjoys live music, movies, road trips, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends.