Mike Van, Business Intermediary

Have we become a society and for that matter a work place so accustomed to receiving and in some cases expecting recognition even for the smallest of tasks? If this is true, our ancestors are turning over in their graves that it has come to this point in our country.

It is understood that we require immediate feedback and praise. I guess we can attribute this to the evolution of the social network and our present progressive societal culture.

Do these gratuities and acknowledgements really have a positive impact on most us? I guess that remains to be seen. Maybe if we look deeper is it more about individuals being valued and important to society and business?

In my career, the employees were appreciative with more frequent nods of approval or frequent discussions with them regarding their project or job at hand. The responses were timely and the words were heartfelt which I think went a great deal farther than a bonus or some other awarded trinket.

Respect, honest and trustworthy were words of feedback from employees when recognition was delivered in this manner vs an infrequent token of some sort that was short-lived. When employees feel their work and effort is being noticed, the impact goes so much further to strengthen their commitment to do the job well.