Successful Entrepreneurs Thoughtful Advice:

  1. Treat their business like a business – Sounds simple, but removing you as the owner from this equation can be challenging at best. Especially when you consider the high failure rate entrepreneurs experience. The emotional and family aspects are also factors that must be removed to have that true success.
  2. Feed the business first – I think confusion comes when the entrepreneur feels they have to have the material objects first to show the sacrifices, determination and effort to those around them. If you truly treat the business as stated, as number one, then you most naturally will place all initial revenues back into the business. Seeing growth results of early investments make it easier to continue putting future investments into R & D, branding etc.
  3. Continue to always ask the question, HOW? – Quitting and giving up are not options for a successful entrepreneur. By continually asking HOW, and on occasion WHY, you will see both your and your team’s creativity flourish even in the most demanding markets and industries.

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