Jim’s Cheese (BC1796)

Congratulations on your closing the sale of Jim’s Cheese Pantry this week. This is an important step in the revival of this sleeping giant in Wisconsin dairy and cutting operation. Convinced that Chip and Steve can and will institute the changes needed for this company to grow and prosper with new services and destinations for Wisconsin dairy. They are already DBIC clients. The new owners from just two meetings have proven they have the skills and determination to succeed. Chip especially understands the challenge. Thank you for your critical role in this transaction and other projects you are leading to strengthen Wisconsin dairy. Relocations remain one of my great interests at DBIC. We are honored to have your organization a DBIC client, and trust together our organizations can bring new life to companies that are stagnant and tired with new leadership that wants to build profitable brands.

Dan Carter, Not defined
Jim's Cheese Pantry