The 7 Habits: Think Win/Win

Stephen Covey was a great writer and human and we lost him far too soon. I read a number of his books and found them to be true to life and contained many excellent paths a person can and should take in their personal life. This particular article hits home on the “4 paradigms of relationships”.

  • We must get your own life in order
  • You have to be an individual yourself
  • You have to know who you are
  • Always remember “it’s a lifelong process”
  • Success in life in not purely an individual effort
  • #1 Win/Win – Everyone feels like they benefit from the relationship
  • #2 Win/Lose – You get what you want while the other party feels like they got the short end
  • #3 Lose/Win – They let people walk over them
  • #4 Lose/Lose – If you are going down, everyone else is going down with you
  • Of course the Win/Win is the one we should all strive for

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