The Future of Talent Development

The short article, The Future of Talent Development, is very informative for any organizational leader or an aspiring leader. I took three very important sentences from the article that I have either witnessed or been challenged with in my career.

  1. “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”
  2. “The future of talent development is developing the entire person.”
  3. “You must develop an employees soft skills as well, which enables them to live a more fulfilling life.”

Throughout my career of Manufacturing Leadership and Consulting it has become very evident that leadership of any kind requires understanding and adapting to the workforce society has presented you. Unlike in the past you could motivate workers differently because of the work ethic and loyalty that existed during that timeline.

Today, the employees no matter what level within an  organization have numerous aspects of their life (work and personal) playing out throughout their career. It has become apparent to me that when an employee is in the work setting, their attention span or focus is challenged with the many issues (work and personal) that are part of their daily life.

Why the need for all organizations to truly sympathize with the environment each employee faces and to develop the whole person they employ. As much as this may go against the culture, it must occur to get more leadership within your organization.

Please the full article: The Future of Talent Development