The Importance of Networking

As a business broker, I know it’s important to be at many places where you can network, and it’s especially important to attend events that are designated as networking events.  This is where everyone in the room is eager to find out what YOU do and also tell you everything about what THEY do.  It’s an orchestrated get-together for the sole purpose of connecting people so they can help each other succeed.

Chambers of Commerce professionals are experts at holding networking events, and I often meet business owners who may have a connection with one of our “for sale” listings.  An example is when I met the owner of a professional school that trained people in the same category as one of my current business listings.  As we talked, I asked if I could forward information to him to pass on to his students.  I thought someone just getting into the field might be interested in owning his or her own company.

“Better yet,” he said, “I have a long list of alumni from this school who might be in a better position to buy something.  I’ll just get your information out on our website.  Hundreds of people in that field will see it.”

Bingo.  I gained a new professional resource for my contact files, and he has my information to keep as well.  And beyond that, I found a great way to promote my seller’s business to a very targeted audience.  Networking helps everybody win.

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