The Marketing “Reach” of Social Media

A while back, I added a business page to my Facebook account.

I titled it:  Gary Van Sistine/Business Broker

It’s been fascinating for me, a former 25-year owner of an advertising agency, to watch how easy it is to send a message out in today’s tech world compared to how it was done in the past.  Here’s an example…

Recently, I created a post on the page with information about a restaurant/bar/banquet hall we have for sale and then “boosted” the post.  Boosting allows me to direct the post to targeted audiences who might have an interest in this type of business.  By listing words like “wedding planner,” “foodies,” “caterers,” “chefs,” “ballroom,” “restaurant,” “bar,” and “banquet,” I know that people getting the post have matched at least one of these key words.

I also chose regions where I felt our restaurant buyers might be found and included all areas within 50 miles of the property and also bigger cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

During the one week boosted post, over 4,000 Facebook users saw it and over a dozen actually responded with likes, comments, and questions. These are called “post engagements.”  Many people shared it, showing that they were interested enough in the post to let others know about it.

While we didn’t get a sale…yet, social media attracted a whole new audience and good activity.  We all know that repetition in marketing is important to get a message heard, and I’ll be doing lots more boosted postings to get this listing in front of targeted audiences.

If you have a business you would like to sell, call me.  I’ll boost it for you! Gary Van Sistine, 920-621-3990