Three Metrics to Consider Now for an Accurate Business Valuation

Michael Schwantes, Business Intermediary

Many of the business owners we serve hire us first to develop a valuation of their company, and perhaps later hire us to market and sell it for them.

At any point in time, we know the health of the market and many industries because, as experienced business brokerage advisors, we stay up-to-date on these subjects. Our profession requires this of us.

The opportunity to conduct a valuation, on the other hand, enables us to learn about a unique, individual company. When a business owner engages us to do a valuation of a business, we provide them with a list of information items needed to analyze it in light of current market and industry conditions.

The results of our analysis can be as simple as an estimated value range or as formal as a multi-page Valuation Report.

I share this article, Rock Around the Block – The Blog of Rock LaManna,with you because it describes 3 pieces of information that are critical to an accurate assessment of the value of any company, information we request of all business owners who hire us to prepare a valuation for them.